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Mark B. Skellenger, P.E.
Vice President

Lear Nagle Sanitary Sewer Phase 3 — City of North Ridgeville

KS Associates was retained by the City of North Ridgeville to prepare plans and specifications, assist in bidding and oversee the construction of a major sanitary sewer extension in the southeast quadrant of the City. The purpose of the project was to unlock the development potential of a key piece of real estate near the interchanges of I-480 with Lorain Road and the Ohio Turnpike / I-80 with Lorain Road. The project consisted of 11,500 lineal feet (L.F.) of sanitary sewer in sizes from 18-inch to 8-inch at depths which ranged to 25 feet. The project was completed in October 1990, the construction duration was nine months and the total construction cost was $1,587,000.

In the design phase KS prepared a sanitary sewer master plan for the south Lear Nagle area taking into account estimated future flows from industrial, commercial and residential areas. Based on the master plan, KS performed all topographic surveys along the Lear Nagle Road/Lorain Road/Cook Road corridor. A soils consultant was retained to investigate subsurface conditions at key locations. Soil conditions which included waterbound sand and Berea sandstone proved to be major challenges in both design and construction.

Construction plans and specifications were prepared, along with an engineer's estimate of construction costs. KS worked closely with the City Auditor and Bond Counsel to determine the financing for the project.

KS attended the bid opening, tabulated bids, verified contractor references and made a recommendation as to contract award. The City requested full time resident project representation and construction administration by KS. The prime contractor engaged two major subcontractors, therefore, two RPRs were deployed to observe the activities of up to five construction crews working simultaneously. Project Principal Lynn Miggins maintained daily contact with the RPR's including a minimum of one site visit per week. KS held a preconstruction conference and monthly construction progress meetings, processed all pay estimates and change orders and verified all certified payroll reports.

KS Associates calculated all tap-in fees using regulations defined in the city's ordinances and represented the City at public meetings where tap-in fees were discussed and explained.

Restoration activities were closely monitored on behalf of the City by KS. The sewer construction traversed a residential area along Lear Nagle Road and resident's concerns about the quality and appearance of the final landscaping were successfully addressed.

Despite challenging soil conditions, the project was completed in only nine months.