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Mark B. Skellenger, P.E.
Vice President

Lear Nagle Sanitary Sewer, Phase 2 — City of North Ridgeville

The City of North Ridgeville selected KS Associates to design a new sanitary trunk sewer along Washington Avenue from Monroe Lane to a package treatment plant east of Lear Nagle Road, and on Lear Nagle Road from Washington to Liberty Parkway. The purpose of the project was to facilitate the abandonment of the package plant, per orders from the Ohio EPA. KS Associates prepared plans, specifications and an opinion of probable construction costs for the project, which included 2,122 lineal feet (L.F.) of 12-inch polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sewer pipe, and 548 L.F. of 8-inch PVC sewer pipe, with manholes and appurtenances. 

The base bid utilized PVC pipe and a bid alternate utilized vitrified clay pipe (VCP). KS Associates performed customary bidding services for the Owner including distributing bid documents, issuing addenda, and attending the bid opening.  An analysis of the bids revealed that the VCP pipe alternate was 8.5% above the PVC bid price. The City of North Ridgeville chose the PVC pipe alternate. The low bidder came in at $208,406, which was within 2% of the Engineer’s Estimate.

The City requested that KS provide construction administration services and a full-time resident project representative (RPR) for the construction phase of the project. Construction started in December 1987 and substantial completion was achieved in July 1988. KS held monthly progress meetings with the contractor and the owner, processed pay estimates, reviewed certified payroll reports and processed change orders. Blasting was successfully used in an undeveloped area to break up Berea Sandstone for excavation of the sewer trench which reached depths of 20 feet.