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Mark B. Skellenger, P.E.
Vice President

Mitiwanga West Sanitary Sewer Extension, Contract #34 — Erie County Sanitary Engineer

The Erie County Sanitary Engineer selected KS Associates to design a gravity sanitary sewer along the north side US Route 6 from State Route 61 to Hahn Road. KS Associates prepared plans, specifications and an opinion of probable construction costs for the project, which included 4,220 lineal feet (L.F.) of 12-inch PVC sanitary sewer, 31 sanitary laterals, manholes and appurtenances. The construction included four (4) crossings of US Route 6 by jack and bore methods to carry mainline sewers to the south side of the highway. The purpose of the installation was to extend public sanitary sewer service to an unsewered area of Berlin Township.

KS Associates performed customary bidding services for the Owner including distributing bid documents, issuing addenda, and attending the bid opening. The low bidder came in at $694,375, which was 1.5% over the Engineer’s Estimate.

The County requested that KS provide construction administration services and a full-time resident project representative (RPR) for the construction phase of the project. Construction started in June 2001 and reached substantial completion in October 2001. KS held monthly progress meetings with the contractor and the owner, processed pay estimates, reviewed certified payroll reports and processed change orders.

Since the property owners were paying for a portion of the project cost through tap-in fees, it was important for the KS RPR and the contractor to have clear and frequent communications with the affected residents. KS worked closely with residents to make sure that their sanitary laterals were properly located so as to minimize the cost of connecting the homes or businesses. The corridor for the sanitary sewer was already occupied by utilities including overhead and underground power and telephone, gas lines, storm sewers, culverts as well as perpendicular service connections. Avoiding disruption of service for the residents was of paramount importance in the successful completion of this project.

The final construction cost was $709,262, an increase of $14,887 versus the bid amount. Three change orders were processed. Approximately $10,000 of the additional cost was an owner-directed change. At Queen of the Lakes Mobile Home Park, Erie County decided to preserve the landscape buffer that was within the right of way. The sanitary sewer was moved south within the tree lawn, requiring the replacement of a storm sewer. Another change was related to increased asphalt pavement quantities due to a property owner having paved his parking lot after the project plans were developed.