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Mark B. Skellenger, P.E.
Vice President

Ridgeview Sanitary Sewer — City of North Ridgeville

KS Associates was retained by the City of North Ridgeville to prepare plans and specifications, provide bidding services, and provide construction administration and resident project representation for the construction of a local sanitary sewer to serve Ridgeview Boulevard. The project consisted of 3,479 lineal feet (L.F.) of 8-inch PVC sanitary sewer to serve existing residential lots which were 60% vacant. The occupied lots were served by septic tank systems.  Construction costs totaled $178,000.

In the preliminary design phase, KS prepared a construction cost estimate. Because the project was to be totally funded by sewer fund revenues, without the City taking on new debt, it was critical that the preliminary estimate be reliable.   

KS Associates prepared plans and specifications for the sewer extension and provided customary bidding services.  The low bidder, to whom the contract was awarded, was 4% below the engineer's estimate.

During the construction phase, KS provided one resident project representative (RPR) to observe construction activities. The project was constructed during the summer of 1989. The presence of the RPR on the site prevented delays and claims from occurring when unanticipated site conditions were encountered, including one conflict with an existing, unmarked water main.  Lynn Miggins, P.E., president of KS Associates was project principal and project manager. She made weekly site visits during construction while the RPR maintained daily contact with the City Utilities Department.