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Mark B. Skellenger, P.E.
Vice President

Rowelyn Avenue Culvert Replacement — Sheffield Lake, Ohio

Day Ditch is one of the main channels for storm water conveyance through the City of Sheffield Lake. When city maintenance personnel discovered that the Rowelyn Avenue Culvert located on Day Ditch had structurally failed, the City needed to take immediate action.

The walls of the existing 5’-6” x 6’ culvert were originally constructed without footings or wingwalls. Over time as the stream eroded the walls, the bottom of the walls shifted inward. A sudden freeze-thaw caused the connection between the walls and the deck to fail.

A new 7’ x 10’ culvert was designed to meet both immediate and future needs. The immediate need was met by obtaining emergency project funding from the Ohio Public Works Commission and providing detailed plans and specifications to meet the City’s schedule. Future needs were addressed by increasing the flow capacity of the culvert and lengthening the culvert to allow for the future construction of sidewalks. The project was completed on time and under budget.

KS Associates responded immediately to the city’s need for a culvert replacement as a result of sudden freeze-thaw that caused the culvert to fail.