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Mark B. Skellenger, P.E.
Vice President

Vermilion Road/Brownhelm Station Road Sanitary Sewer — City of Vermilion

KS Associates, Inc. was retained by the City of Vermilion in 1992 to prepare plans and specifications, provide bidding services and provide resident project representation for an extension of the sanitary sewer system along Vermilion Road and Brownhelm Station Road. The project was petitioned by property owners and was financed in part by assessments to those property owners. The construction consisted of 1,148 lineal feet (L.F.) 21-inch and 3,143 L.F. 18-inch sanitary sewer at a total construction cost of $237,000.

KS Associates prepared a revision to the Master Sanitary Sewer Plan as adopted by the City Council in 1987. The preliminary design phase included a redefinition of the service area and calculation of flows based upon recent rezoning actions and approved preliminary plans for residential developments.

KS prepared construction plans and specifications. Soil borings were obtained at all manhole locations. The Utilities Department requested that KS evaluate several types of PVC sewer pipe along with reinforced concrete pipe and the City chose to bid a PVC pipe alternate.

Plans, specifications and a calculation of preliminary assessments were filed with the Clerk of Council as a condition and requirement of the assessment process. One property owner objected to the amount of the assessment, thereby necessitating the appointment of an assessment equalization board. KS represented the City at the equalization hearing.

When the preliminary assessment proceedings were concluded, the City authorized KS to advertise for bids. KS provided customary bidding services, and a contract was awarded in November 1993. Construction began on December 21, 1993, and the underground phase was concluded on February 9, 1994. KS provided Resident Project Representation and Construction Administration on behalf of the City during construction, held a pre-construction conference, held monthly construction progress meetings, processed pay estimates, evaluated Contractor claims and processed change orders.