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Mark B. Skellenger, P.E.
Vice President

Water Distribution System Improvements & Water Tower — City of Vermilion

Vermilion Water Tower

The City of Vermilion retained KS Associates to prepare final plans and specifications for a major City water distribution improvement. The City of Vermilion is divided by the Vermilion River. The water distribution system included a single river crossing, which was aging and subject to periodic breaks. In order to improve both reliability and water pressure, the City wanted to construct a second river crossing and a one million gallon elevated water storage tank on the east side of the river.

The route of the new water main was from West River Road easterly along Linda Drive and continuing across the Vermilion River to Vermilion Road, then south on Vermilion Road to Highbridge Road, then north on Highbridge Road crossing the Conrail Railroad. The project included 9,000 lineal feet (L.F.) of 16-inch ductile iron pipe water main. The river crossing was designed using flexible, ball and socket type pipe. KS obtained permits from the US Army Corps of Engineers for construction within the river bed. KS also obtained permits from CSX for a jack and bore crossing under the Conrail Railroad.

The route of the water main required a number of easements to be obtained. KS prepared metes and bounds description for the easements and worked with the mayor and the residents to obtain the necessary easements. KS also evaluated locations for the new water tower, selected two sites, obtained appraisals and negotiated with both property owners, finally arriving at an agreement with one of the owners to purchase property. During design, KS also obtained Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) clearance for the water tower.

KS Associates prepared plans, specifications and an opinion of probable construction costs for the water distribution system and for the elevated water storage tank. In November 1989 both projects were let for bid. KS Associates performed customary bidding services for the Owner including distributing bid documents, issuing addenda, and attending the bid opening. The low bidder for the water distribution improvements came in at $518,638, substantially below the Engineer’s Estimate. The low bidder for the Elevated Water Storage Tank came in at $887,900.

The City requested that KS provide construction administration services and a full-time resident project representative (RPR) for the construction phase of the project. KS held monthly progress meetings with the contractor and the owner, processed pay estimates, reviewed certified payroll reports and processed change orders. Water main construction started in March 1990 and was completed in December 1990. The water tower was put into service in August 1991.