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Mark B. Skellenger, P.E.
Vice President

Cuyahoga County Juvenile Justice Center Parking Lot, Cleveland, Ohio

The Cuyahoga County Board of Commissioners constructed a $160 million, 630,000-square-foot Juvenile Justice Center on a reclaimed industrial site in East Cleveland. The project is located at E. 93rd Street and Quincy Avenue. The Center required parking for more than 740 vehicles in a secure environment. The Architect authorized KS Associates to provide site design services for a new 450-space parking lot adjacent to the Center.

KS performed surveying, prepared final improvement plans for the parking lot, design plans for erosion and sediment control, storm water management and pollution prevention, and developed an opinion of probable costs. Our team also provided landscaping, irrigation, lighting and site electrical. Security and control systems for the parking lot control gates and security house were added by the client as the project progressed. Grading for the site was designed using the perimeter that was set by existing sidewalks. The existing site drops approximately 7’ from the east end to the west.

The major challenge on this former parking lot and residential area was the storm water management design. KS was able to provide a site layout for a majority of the area that provided a 20% reduction of impervious area. This reduction allowed KS to design this part of the site as a redevelopment site per the OEPA Phase II Storm Water Quality requirements. The remaining area was treated for 100% of the water quality volume. A redeveloped site requires 20% of the site runoff to be treated rather than 100%. This resulted in a cost savings to our Client, as only one sediment tank and one sand filter were required, as opposed to five (5) smaller units or one extremely large structure.

Stormwater discharge was limited to the existing combined sewers in the streets. KS provided the allowable discharge by designing a restricted outlet and oversizing the storm sewer pipes to hold the excess storm runoff. These pipes then drain over a period of time. The water quality design was reviewed and approved by the Cuyahoga County Soil and Water Conservation District, while the storm sewer design was approved by the City of Cleveland Department of Water Pollution Control.

The KS team also assisted with bidding and construction phase services for the project.