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Mark A. Yeager, P.S.
Director of Survey Services

Bellevue Rail Yard Expansion Survey

KS Associates provided extensive surveying and mapping services for the proposed expansion of the Bellevue Rail Yard.

The project intends to double the size of the existing class yard at approximately milepost B-245 on the Lake Division; an additional 38 classification tracks will be added and a hump bridge constructed. Other infrastructure improvements will include adding a South bypass track; constructing additional receiving and forwarding tracks; and paving existing and constructing new access roads, parking lots, retaining walls, and a secondary access tunnel. 

This is a "fast tracked" project, requiring the deployment of multiple survey crews.

Site surveying included establishing control points and bench marks, and locating manholes, inlets, catch basins and drainage structures.  Surveying of the existing tracks obtained the horizontal and vertical locations of tie-ins, bypass, forwarding yards, receiving yards and Mini-Plant tracks. Surveying also included cross-sections the existing ditches, detention basins, utilities and investigation or verification of existing utilities.

KS performed surveying services as a subconsultant to Michael Baker Jr. Inc.

KS is also performing construction surveying and staking services for the rail yard.