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Mark A. Yeager, P.S.
Director of Survey Services

Surveying Cleveland Public Square for Proposed Re-Design

Laser Scanning Cleveland Public Square

KS contracted with James Corner Field Operations (JFCO) to provide a comprehensive topographic survey of Cleveland Public Square in Downtown Cleveland. The 10-acre project involves surveying all four quadrants of the Square and surrounding streets. The goal of the assignment is to deliver a detailed basemap of Public Square, which will serve as a foundation for the Square’s proposed re-design.

KS used a combination of surveying methods — 3D laser scanning and conventional field surveying — to provide the design team with a detailed digital map of the existing site. The map will precisely depict visible features, such as monuments, buildings, signs, poles, sidewalks, and utilities.
The scanner captured an enormous amount of information, much of which was used to create the basemap. It also captured data that can be re-mined in the future. Should the design team want a closer look at a particular feature of the Square, or should the project take a new direction, KS can extract data from our Point Cloud without having to re-survey the project site.